About Software Testing Clinic

The world of software testing can be confusing. There are many conflicting views about what testing is and there are so many different training events around. If you’re new to testing, what do you do? Do you learn how to code and write automation, do you learn about Agile, should you be writing test scripts, and what is exploratory testing? Add into this the time and cost of training and it can all be quite a headache for you!

But knowing your craft is important and we at the Software Testing Clinic believe that for a tester to be the best they can be they should have a place to draw from the wealth of experience and knowledge the software testing community has to offer.

That’s why the Software Testing Clinic offers a safe and open environment for people who are new to testing to come along and ask questions, learn new skills, and get mentoring from experienced testers FOR FREE!

Created and hosted by Dan Ashby and Mark Winteringham, the Software Testing Clinic is run fortnightly with special guest speakers who are experts in software testing.  We will host talks on various topics and run activities including:

So check out our Upcoming session page and Meetup page and join us for our next session.

House Rules

It’s important that we have a safe environment that is about learning, and in order to accomplish this, there are a few rules that we ask all attendees to follow:

  • We are at the event to learn from one another so anything goes regarding questions.  There should be no fear to ask questions.
  • We are not a test automation clinic.  This means we may give advice on how to approach automation but we will not be fixing people’s code.
  • We rely on attendees bringing laptops or devices. Sharing is caring too. The practical part of the sessions will be mobbed or paired, so sharing your device might be necessary.

We’re here to help provide an open and safe environment for junior testers to learn the craft of testing.