Why are we doing this?

As with a lot of things in life, it started with a complaint. Well, two complaints:
  1. There are very few companies and events for senior testers to learn coaching and mentoring skills
  2. The amount of skilled testers who know their craft well in the industry is too small
For the past few years and especially after seeing ‘Why I Lost My Job As a Test Manager and What I Learnt As a Result’ by Stephen Janaway[1] I’ve wanted to become a Coach or a Mentor.   However, working as a contractor means I move around a lot, am restricted in what I can work on and who I work with and there are times that I might not be working with other Testers at all!  So how can I improve my coaching and mentoring skills when the opportunities to learn are so few and far between?


So one day I was complaining about this to Dan when he replied:


‘Do something about it, start a community’


Speaking with various managers and recruiters it’s clear that the tech industry suffers from a lack of skilled testers with many Testers leaving the profession to move into other roles[2].  We need a new generation of testers who are committed to the craft and have the right skills for the job. There are many people in chat rooms, testing forums and meetups that are new to Testing and are desperate for knowledge and direction.  However, training courses can be expensive to attend and difficult to get employers to pay for. Bad training could send a tester down the wrong path or require a basic level of experience which someone new to Testing may not have.


So Dan and I are doing something about it, we’re starting a community.  We’re starting the Software Testing Clinic.