Running an SWTC

Do You Want to Run a Software Testing Clinic?

At Software Testing Clinic it’s our mission to create a safe environment for everyone to learn more about software testing whether they are completely new to software testing or an experienced lead looking to mentor and teach. The response so far with our current clinics has been phenomenal and there is demand for new clinics all around the world which we intend to deliver!

We are looking for testers who are comfortable with public speaking and sharing their experiences to sign up and volunteer as clinic hosts to organise and run Software Testing Clinics in their local areas.  In return you will:

  • Improve your public speaking skills and testing knowledge
  • Help raise your profile and add the experience to your C.V.
  • Get a warm fuzzy feeling from setting up a community and helping new testers

It’s important to us that every clinic delivers a high-quality experience that will produce the next generation of expert testers. However, running a Software Testing Clinic is no small task and requires passionate, motivated and experienced testers to run them.

So if you want to get involved you might want to consider the following before you sign up:

  • We want all our Clinics to be run by a pair. Do you know someone or can you find someone that you will happily co-run a Software Testing Clinic with?
  • Are you willing to dedicate roughly 4 hours a week to setup and support a Software Testing Clinic?
  • Where do you want to run your Software Testing Clinic? What other testing events/community is there in your area?
  • Do you know of any spaces you can run a Software Testing Clinic? Are there any local companies that can sponsor you for a space to work in as well as refreshments for your students and mentors?

If you are confident after asking yourself these questions that you could run a Software Testing Clinic, then we would love to hear from you and would ask you to fill in the form below so that Dan and Mark can get in touch with you.