SWTC Monthly Update – August 2018

Despite the hot weather, all our clinics are working hard on delivering awesome opportunities to learn about Software testing. SWTC London is back in full swing, and SWTC Glasgow is coming up to it’s first birthday, which is fantastic!

Since we are in full summer mode at the moment, there isn’t much to report on SWTC changes and updates at the moment. However, for this update, we wanted to focus more on the Software testing community at large and talk about some awesome things going on right now.

Get to know our hosts

Mark has been playing catch up on Neill Studd’s brilliant podcast Testers’ Island Discs, which if you haven’t come across it before is a fun twist on Desert Island Discs. Each episode a guest from the testing community shares five tracks they would take with them if they are stranded on a Desert island whilst also sharing a little bit about their Software testing experience.

It’s a great show and what makes it even better is that three of our hosts, Claire Reckless and Richard Bradshaw from SWTC Manchester and Karo Stoltzenburg from SWTC Cambridge have been on the show. So if you want to find out a bit more about our amazing SWTC hosts, then check out the podcasts. Karo’s is especially awesome as she describes what an SWTC session looks like.

Free tickets for TestBash Manchester

An amazing opportunity for those looking to learn more about Software Testing has opened up. Leigh Rathbone, along with the wider Software testing community, has crowd funded 4 tickets to TestBash Manchester:

This is a great chance for those looking to learn more about Software Testing and connect with some amazing people, so we want to encourage all our students and followers to sign up and take advantage of this opportunity. You can find the form to apply for a ticket here

Well, that’s it for this update. Short and sweet, because, well… it’s too damn hot! We’re off to have an ice-cream and a sit in the shade!

– Dan and Mark