SWTC Monthly Update – December 2018

Greetings from a very sleep deprived Mark! A short update for this month as we are winding down for Christmas. With all the festivities upcoming including office parties, manic shopping and overeating/drinking we’ve decided to skip December sessions and will be resuming in January. This is a great opportunity for SWTC Manchester, Brighton and Cambridge as they come up to their one year anniversary to reflect and improve for next year.

SWTC 2.0 starts to make progress

As mentioned a few months back we rolled out the SWTC 2.0 plan to all our hosts and we’ve started to get organised to improve the overall SWTC experience. Our first port of call was to make our lesson plans more accessible and easy to collaborate on. This resulted in us adopting GitBook to store our lesson plans, which can now be found here. What’s very cool is that we have synced the GitBook to a new GitHub account, allowing us to collaborate on new ideas and lesson plans for our students and mentors.

So that’s it for this post and for 2018. We’re super excited for 2019 as we have big plans to make SWTC extra awesome. So Merry Christmas and we’ll see you all in the new year!