SWTC Monthly Update – November 2018

Hello! Some fabulous news this month – hold on to your hats (I’m assuming you’ve all got your winter hats on, since it’s gotten really cold this week).

Welcome Baby Winteringham!!”

Baby Winteringham is our newest and youngest member of the SWTC family and I hear she’s already learning Ruby and how to test APIs.
Congratulations to the Winteringhams! I hope you’re adjusting to the severe lack of sleep, Mark! 😊

SWTC Midlands rescheduled to the 28th November!

Come along and learn what it takes to be a mentor at future SWTC Midlands sessions!
After October’s opening session for the new Software Testing Clinic Midlands branch had to be cancelled, it’s now officially been rescheduled back in for the 28th of November!
Vern and Wanda are all set to dive in to detail on how to help you get into mentoring at the future SWTC sessions in the Midlands, and I (Dan) am really excited to be able to attend this first session too!
The session will take place at the Experian offices in Nottingham. Make sure to sign up to attend! It’s gonna be awesome!

SWTC Belfast is ON!

There’s only a week to go before Heather, Nick and Hugh kick off the Software Testing Clinic sessions in Belfast!
With the first session focused on what it takes to be a SWTC mentor, come along to learn more about how to mentor, coach and teach. As well as take part in some great fun activities and exercises to help set you up for mentoring at future sessions.
Heather, Hugh and Nick will be joined by Del and Tracey from the SWTC Glasgow sessions for this one too. Del and Tracey have done a fantastic job in Glasgow for the past year, so come and hear their stories on how the Software Testing Clinic has helped people, and hear about the pact that you mentors can make in the future sessions.
The session will take place at the Deloitte offices on Wednesday the 7th of November. Sign up here!

Till next time!
Mark & Dan