SWTC Monthly Update – October 2018

Welcome back. A short one this month as our focus has been on TestBash Manchester, with our awesome hosts Karo and Tracey successfully running an awesome ET 101 on the workshop day. But that doesn’t mean last month hasn’t been a busy one! We’ve been finalising the new online hub for our SWTC hosts where the next generation of SWTC will be developed. And that’s all while the hosts continue to host amazing clinics all around the UK!!!

SWTC 2.0 is Live

We’ve finally launched a new online hub that will combine various technologies that will enable hosts to share feedback, discuss and improve lesson plans, and get support from other hosts. The hub is a mix of old and new. Thanks to Ministry of Testing’s support we now have our own corner of The Club that allows us to share ideas and discuss lesson plans that are now stored in our new shiny GitBook profile. GitBook along with it’s integration to GitHub allows us to easily submit new ideas and review them as a community, whilst making the lesson plans nice and easy to read.

Come be a Mentor at SWTC Midlands

SWTC Midlands has got its first session coming up this month and we can’t wait! Vernon and Wanda will be running a session for our budding Mentors, giving them the lowdown on how Software Testing Clinic works as well as introducing various mentoring and coaching techniques to use in SWTC sessions. So if you are an experienced tester who is looking to move into a more leadership based role, then come along and be a Mentor!

The session will be held at the Experian offices in Nottingham on Wednesday, October 17. You can sign up here.