Upcoming Sessions

  • Mon
    6:00 pmJPMorgan, Alhambra House, 45 Waterloo street, Glasgow, G2 6HS

    Generating test ideas and questions is a skill that all testers have to learn, but how do they do it? In this session, we will be looking at how Heuristics and Oracles are important tools in a testers toolkit when it comes to generating ideas.

    In this sessions discussion we will cover the following:

    • What is a Heuristic?
    • What is an Oracle?
    • How can we use Heuristics and Oracles to help testing?

  • Wed
    6:00 pmEqual Experts, 30 Brock Street, London, NW1 3FG

    When testing it's important to focus not only how the product works but how the business or client wants the product to work. Testing requirements as they are created is a great way to weed out the misunderstandings and help your own understanding when it comes to testing the product.

    In this sessions discussion we will cover the following:

    • Critical and lateral thinking skills when testing requirements
    • Visualising and whiteboarding
    • Mind mapping and note taking

  • Thu
    9:00 amThe Lowry, Pier 8, The Quays, Salford M50 3AZ

    Do you find yourself frustrated by the lack of challenge in your testing role, managing mountains of test cases, or increasingly aware of the bugs that slip through your net? Adopting Exploratory testing can help relieve these frustrations, but how do you go about performing ET in a way that is effective for both you and your team?

    Join Dan and Mark for an interactive one-day Introduction to Exploratory testing where you will engage in discussions and exercises to learn about:

    • What Exploratory testing is
    • How to identify and organise your Exploratory testing activities
    • Techniques to help you generate test ideas during Exploratory testing activities
    • Test notes and reporting techniques

    By the end of the day you will be able to conduct exploratory testing in a way that is:

    • Structured and well reported to support your team and stakeholders
    • Challenging and engaging for you whilst enabling you to test effectively and with speed

    Attendees will also have the benefit of mentors. There will be a mentor per table of 5 students, really improving the support on offer. Add Dan and Mark back into the equation and you've got a great opportunity to learn about Exploratory Testing.