Upcoming Sessions

  • Wed
    9:00 amTestBash Brighton 2017, Clarendon Center, Brighton

    Software Testing Clinic and Ministry of Testing are teaming up to offer a whole day of Software Testing Clinic, that's right a whole day at TestBash Brighton 2017!

    Attendees will get to work with Dan and Mark and our amazing mentors to get an experience of two awesome skills all Testers need, Agile Testing and Exploratory Testing.  The day will offer:

    • Collaborative sessions where we will answer your questions on Software Testing
    • Interactive workshops that will expose you to multiple testing techniques
    • The opportunity to get to network with our Mentors and pick their amazing brains about working in the industry

    We super excited to be offering this one-day training session.  This is an excellent opportunity for:

    • Those that are looking to get into testing and want to learn what it takes to be a great Tester
    • Junior testers just starting out looking to expand their skills
    • Testers who might feel frustrated with their current skills and want to get an introduction into awesome techniques that great testers use

    To find out more about this session and how to sign up head over to TestBash Brighton 2016 to discover more.