About Software Testing Clinic

About the Software Testing Clinic

Welcome to the Software Testing Clinic (SWTC), part of the Ministry of Testing. If you are new to SWTC then it’s worth reading over this to get a better understanding of who we are and what we do.

What is the Software Testing Clinic?

The Software Testing Clinic is a safe environment for those who are interested in software testing to learn and enhance their testing skills whilst enabling more experienced testers to learn and enhance their mentoring skills. We’re a part of the Ministry of Testing who is supporting us in offering quality training on key concepts of software testing in a way that is easy to access and isn’t restrictive based upon price.

SWTC offers monthly evening sessions, in a number of locations, for anybody interested in the testing craft. They are run in an interactive way using whiteboard sessions, hands-on exercises and discussions as a group as well as in smaller teams to deepen our understanding of software testing. You are led through the evening by a team of hosts, supported by more experienced testers who can are enhancing their mentoring skills whilst helping less experienced attendees. Each session is dedicated to a specific topic, including “What is testing?”, “Exploratory Testing”, “Identifying Risks”, “Automation” and many more. It’s important to us to help testers be the best they can be!

The Software Testing Clinic was founded by Dan Ashby and Mark Winteringham in 2015, in order to fill a gap in the IT landscape – offering accessible training for aspiring testers in a safe environment.  We’re currently in our second iteration in London having received awesome feedback and demonstrable success, including students crediting SWTC with helping them find that first job in software testing. We are now spreading around the UK – with monthly sessions being held in Glasgow, Manchester, Brighton and Cambridge. And we plan to grow further, so check our locations to find the closest clinic.

What do we offer in training?


We run a regular series of meetups in each of our locations that cover a wide range of topics that we feel are important to learn to become a great Software Tester. Our meetups usually consist of a mix of discussions, talks and interactive exercises that will get you thinking about what skills and tools you need to be a great Software Tester on a specific topic. All the while being supported by a group of great mentors who are there to help answer any questions you may have.

At this time, the curriculum covers the following topics:

  • What is testing
  • Testing requirements
  • Heuristics and Oracles
  • Test Design
  • Interviews for Testers
  • Communication
  • Agile Testing
  • Exploratory testing
  • Chartering and SBTM
  • Note taking
  • Automation
  • Technical testing

Forum and Resources

We have our own dedicated section in the Ministry of Testing Club forum. In here we bring students and mentors together to answer questions, set exercises and share previous SWTC meetups. The forum channel, like everything in SWTC, is a safe place to ask anything without worry.

Over on the Ministry of Testing Dojo, we provide additional resources around the topics the Clinic tackles. Find a series of articles where we answer questions that were asked by students, and dive into the 99-second introductions videos to get familiar with key concepts and themes of the software testing world.

Get involved!

You can get started straight away by starting a discussion or asking a question on the forum. If you’re interested in attending then check out our Upcoming session page and sign-up via Meetup to join us for our next session. Of course, if you are interested in starting a clinic yourself then please contact us directly!