SWTC Monthly Update – July 2018

June has been a very busy time for myself and Dan with conference season in full swing and balancing work and personal life. However, that doesn’t mean our SWTC hosts haven’t been giving it their all! Brighton, Cambridge and Manchester are now in full swing and SWTC Glasgow is fast approaching the end of their first season. The meetups are going strong and it’s a testament to all the hosts how organised they are, delivering amazing sessions with their own unique experiences and style.

SWTC 2.0 progress

As for SWTC 2.0, we have seen some progress. On the community side, Mark has spent time with each of the Hosts talking about their experiences of running an SWTC and what works for them and what doesn’t as well as some unexpected but inspired ideas. The information gathered has been extremely useful and it will form the basis for the SWTC 2.0 community we want to grow.

Additionally, we are now starting to roll out training sessions which are lead by our hosts in paid public and private events. The first of these is being carried out as we speak by Claire @clairereckless and Kim @punkmikwho are running an Exploratory Testing 101 session at the London Tester Gathering Workshops. There will also be a session at TestBash Manchester with Hosts Tracey @tbaxter78 and Karo @karostol so if you are coming to Manchester, you definitely want to check that out.

It’s great to see the opportunities opening up for our Hosts to meet and work together from different clinics as well as do what they do best in situations outside of the traditional SWTC clinics.

Congratulations in order!

Finally, we just want to say a quick congratulations to our Hosts Emma at SWTC Brighton and Claire at SWTC Manchester for starting new jobs! It’s a privilege to see our hosts grow in confidence and we are sure they will bring that into their new roles.

So that’s it for this post. Short but sweet but my hope is to have more to tell you all in future posts as we start getting back into the swing of things (and try not to be distracted by the sunshine!)

– Dan and Mark