SWTC Monthly Update – May 2018

Hello and welcome back to our new monthly updates on all things Software Testing Clinic. In addition to the regular sessions in Brighton, Cambridge, Glasgow and Manchester over April, all the hosts got together to hear about the plans for SWTC 2.0 (More on that shortly) from Mark and Dan, and how they will be able to contribute to the growth of SWTC in the future. The feedback from everyone has been very positive, which is a great start and with everyone on board, we can start to begin to share our plans for the future with you.

So what’s all this SWTC 2.0 about?

As SWTC has grown we’ve had requests from fantastic people who are willing to give up their time to organise Clinics and share their experiences. This has manifested in the great clinics we currently have and the ones that are just about to start. However, for every one request to start a Clinic we accept we get two or three we have to say ‘Yes, but just not right now’.

This isn’t down to the experience or dedication of those volunteers, but simply put Dan and Mark have limited time to contribute to the growth of SWTC. To get an SWTC up and running it requires time and support, with Dan and I travelling to locations to help run initial sessions that we have to balance with full-time work. Add to this that we get a lot of requests to start Clinics all the way from the UK to New Zealand, we just simply don’t have time or money. But that’s all going to change with SWTC 2.0.

With the support of Ministry of Testing, SWTC will be creating a small online community for our SWTC hosts that will offer support, access to materials and a place to contribute towards the structure and content of SWTC lessons. As a community, we will work together to share and review new ideas and support one another to ensure SWTC delivers relevant training for our students and mentors, that is focused around the strengths of our hosts.

But that’s not all, once our community is in place we will then to begin to welcome new SWTC, from around the world! Using the Ministry of Testing platform, we will be developing a training pathway that can support budding SWTC hosts in how to organise and run their own local SWTC.

This means anyone with experience in software testing, will be able to apply to the pathway, learn about SWTC, setup and run an SWTC locally and also join our community to contribute towards its growth! With this in place, we will be able to empower a generation of new testers to grow into amazing software testers from the UK to New Zealand.

So that is it, SWTC 2.0 will allow us to global! Naturally, we’re very excited about this and we hope to bring you more news each month on how we are progressing with SWTC 2.0 as well other exciting announcements that we have planned!

– Dan and Mark