SWTC Monthly Update – September 2018

Bad news, the summer holidays are almost done. Good news, SWTC is busier than ever and growing! We’ve a couple of new SWTCs ready to rock and we’re continuing to work on SWTC 2.0 (more on that next month hopefully) to improve the SWTC experience for everyone. SWTC London is just getting back into its groove and SWTC Brighton, Cambridge and Manchester continue to flourish and it’s astonishing to see how far through the season they have all got. Time flies!

Announcing SWTC Midlands

This is hot off the press, so hot we haven’t had time to get quotes from our newest hosts: Vernon ‘Tutu’ Richards (Sorry Vern – Mark) and Wanda Hawkins. However, we’re pleased to announce that both are joining us to start a new SWTC in the Midlands, specifically in Nottingham.

Anybody who has been to a TestBash will know Vernon for his awesome MC’ing skills but he has a little secret he’s been keeping. He’s an amazing tester with bags of experience both in testing and teaching testing. Combined with the talented Wanda, who is a well-known organiser of Agile events in the area and equally experienced tester, SWTC Midlands is going to kick ass! We’re currently working with SWTC Midlands to get everything organised for a start in October and hope to share a little more from Vernon and Wanda soon.

Congrats to SWTC Glasgow

Finally, we want to congratulate Del and Tracey for finishing their first season of SWTC Glasgow. The work they have put into making SWTC Glasgow grow and work for the students and mentors has been astounding and it’s been amazing to see how much they’ve grown in confidence throughout the year. We always knew it was going to be risky handing over our SWTC baby to others, but they’ve done a great job and not just delivered fantastic sessions but helped the content and approach of SWTC mature as well. Congrats again to both!

As for future plans for SWTC Glasgow, there will be more announced in the future after Del and Tracey take a well-earned break.

Where is SWTC Belfast?

Due to the workload outside of SWTC we have faced lately we have had to the let the organisation of SWTC Belfast slide a little and this is completely on Mark and Dan. Add to that the summer holidays (who wants to stay inside and learn when it’s so sunny outside) it’s meant there has been a delay but we hope to rectify that soon.

We’re happy to say things are back on track and we are working with HughHeather and Nick to get the first events up in the next month or so.

Well, that’s all for it this month, there is a lot going on in SWTC that we are excited to share in future posts but for now, our focus is getting SWTC Belfast and Midlands ready for all those budding testers out there.
– Mark and Dan