Upcoming Sessions

  • Wed
    6:00 pmPLATF9RM, Tower Point, 44 North Road, Floor 6, Brighton

    Software Testing Clinic (http://softwaretestingclinic.com) Brighton continues by discussing the subject of Exploratory Testing and Chartering. Exploratory Testing and Chartering can be a foreign language to some testers or for those who are new to the testing field. In this session we will cover the following:

    • Describe what a Test Charter is
    • Describe different templates to use when creating Test Charters
    • Construct Charters based on specific Risks
    • Describe what Exploratory testing is
    • Carry out Exploratory testing sessions

    • Important to know
     Please RSVP on our meet up page.

  • Thu
    ‎6‎:‎00‎ ‎PM to ‎9‎:‎00‎ ‎PMEqual Experts, 30 Brock St, London, NW1 3FG

    Software Testing Clinic (http://softwaretestingclinic.com/) is about to start it's 3rd season in London, and we are looking for budding mentors to come help us with each session.

    This initial session for season 3 is a session purely focused on what it means to be an SWTC mentor, what's expected from mentors and how the Software Testing Clinic works in general and how us hosts will help and support you.

    Mentors play a very important part of each clinic. Our goal is to have 1 mentor per 3-4 students for each of the season 3 sessions. The role of the mentor is to support the students they are paired with, providing your own experiences to help the students learn more about the topic f the evening. These topics vary month to month, so some sessions you may want to be a student, but if you feel experienced enough on the topic then you should sign up as a mentor.

    In this session for mentors, we'll answer any questions you have, give some great mentoring tips and tricks, and will also supply some useful tools to assist you in mentoring in the future sessions. So come take that next step and become a mentor in a safe supported environment.

    To attend this session, please sign up on our meetup site: https://www.meetup.com/Software-Testing-Clinic/events/250173460/

    By the end of the session Mentors will be able to:

    • Describe what is that Software testing clinic does
    • Describe the different workshop styles we present
    • Explain what their role is in process of helping students in regular sessions
    • Describe what mentoring is
    • Describe what the role of a mentor is
    • Display understanding of the perspective of the Mentee
    • Execute different mentor techniques such as asking questions, building rapport and active listening
  • Tue
    6:00 pmDisplayLink, 140 Cambridge Science Park Rd, Cambridge. CB4 0GF

    This session will cover Designing Tests. There are a number of tools and techniques we can use to help us design tests, in this session we'll take a look at some of them. By the end of the session we'll have covered:

    - Mnemonics to retrieve heuristics and oracles
    - Describing what a heuristic is
    - Describing what an oracle is
    - Apply using heuristics and oracles to a testing situation
    - Correlation between heuristics and test ideas

    Registration now open via Meetup.