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  • Tue

    SWTC Cambridge - Exploratory Testing and Chartering

    6:00 pmDisplayLink, 140 Cambridge Science Park Rd, Cambridge. CB4 0GF

    In past sessions, we've looked at identifying risks and how we can use testing to reveal information about those risks. But how do Test in a way that keeps us focused yet creative, as well as delivering something of value to our team? In this session, we are going to look at Exploratory testing and Charters to see how we can achieve those goals.

    We will be covering the following:

    • Describing what a Test Charter is
    • Describing different templates to use when creating Test Charters
    • Constructing Charters based on specific Risks
    • Describing what Exploratory Testing is
    • Carrying out Exploratory Testing sessions

    Registration now open via meetup