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  • Tue

    SWTC Cambridge - Note Taking

    6:00 pmDisplayLink, 140 Cambridge Science Park Rd, Cambridge. CB4 0GF

    Note taking is an essential skill for a Tester, but one many struggle with. It can be difficult to know what information to capture and how to capture it. There are many different approaches we can use but it all comes down to what works best for you.

    In this session we'll be understanding what testing notes are, the value of using testing notes, give some examples and discuss the pitfalls you should be aware of. By the end of the session attendees will be able to:

    - Identify at least 6 different approaches to note-taking
    - Explain why note-taking in testing is important
    - Apply different note-taking approaches to different testing scenarios
    - Evaluate the pros and cons of note-taking approaches when testing ideas and testing products

    DisplayLink are very generously hosting the Software Testing Clinic Cambridge, as well as providing food and drinks.


    To attend this event, please sign up on the Meetup site: https://www.meetup.com/Ministry-of-Testing-Cambridge/events/251017475